Thrive by Arianna Huffington (migrated from bookblogger)

This non-fiction book by the founder of the Huffington Post,  is a treatise on creating a balance in our lives.  Huffington makes a well-argued point that we are so bent in our society on achieving success as defined by money and power that we lose sight of what can make us actually happy — which she suggests are well-being, wisdom and wonder.

Taking care of ourselves physically and emotionally, she argues, is the most important.  Getting adequate sleep, exercising, meditating, taking time away from our technological tethers are all key factors in fostering actual happiness.  Huffington pushes for a change in culture away from the macho attitude of bragging about all-nighters in the office to one where time off taken to re-charge is respected.  She argues for balance, for spiritual fulfillment, for volunteerism as a means of achieving success as she defines it.

I think Huffington’s ideas are valuable and well-fueled by research.  Maybe I also like it so much because I’ve chosen the less academic route in my career in order to find this balance.  I do think it’s a hard thing to achieve in our high-powered, high-tech world.  But it is an important goal, balance.

I think this book is a good gift for all the workaholics that we know!

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