And the Mountains Echoed (migrated from bookblogger)

And the Mountains Echoed: A Novel by Khaled Hosseini

     Once again, Mr. Hosseini (author of the Kite Runner) has demonstrated his brilliance in telling a story.  The central story is about a brother, Abdullah, and his sister, Pari, who live in a small village outside Kabul and are separated by dire circumstances.  What is unusual is how the story is told:  sometimes through letters, sometimes through first person narratives, changing subtly and smoothly so that the story unfolds over the years of their lives.  Sometimes there is a break and the connection to the story is not known for a few pages, but always it is captivating, warm and moving.  When you do realize how each part is connected, there is that “aha” moment and you feel like you’ve found the most important piece of a large puzzle.

   In the telling, there is also a subtle history of Afghanistan and the impact of its history on its people.  It is not something that hits you over the head, it is more quietly told.  But it is there in a way that is more human and more inner-reaching.  Because the characters are very human and likable, the reader has an easy attachment to them and you find yourself caring so much about what happens, feeling their pain and their joy.

   This is a beautiful, tragic, and real-life story and in my opinion, a must-read!

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