I Still Dream About You (migrated from bookblogger)

I Still Dream About You by Fannie Flagg

Eh.  Not my favorite…  This slightly weird story is about a woman in her 60’s who is planning to kill herself.  She is a former Miss Alabama and has had some disappointments in her life that have brought her to a place where she’s decided that the pro’s of living do not outweigh the cons.  However, her plan keeps getting interrupted by the various goings on in her work life.  Between the possible sale of her dream estate by her arch rival realtor and her best friend possibly having a heart attack, her plans get derailed.  But of course, she learns that things happen for a reason — and a good one at that.

In my opinion, Flagg (remember her?  Hollywood Squares…) is a very mediocre writer and the story is trite.  It’s a light read, though, and somewhat engaging and I guess if you are looking for an easy summer read, this fits the bill.  Better to look elsewhere, though…

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