London Falling by Emma Carr (migrated from bookblogger)

Admittedly, I was looking for something mindless when I chose this, but I got more than my fair share of mindlessness with this choice.  It is the silly tale of Aimee, who finds herself in London, with all her money and possessions having been stolen.  Seeking a way to pay for her ticket home to Seattle, she finds her way to the estate of Simon, a handsome, rich, and of course, tender-hearted bachelor and begs him to hire her as a housekeeper.  Because he’s seeking the account of the Royal Family for his family-owned bank, he cannot be perceived to do anything illegal, including hiring anyone with no working papers.   Predictably, they figure out a sort of compromise, and of course, fall in love and become somewhat embroiled in a situation because of Simon’s father who reigns over him with a strong arm.

While it actually was a cute premise, the rather weak writing combined with the lack of imagination in the plot line kept it only at that.  It remained only superficial and did not really go anywhere significant.  I downloaded it for only $2.99 and even at that price, it was more than it was worth!

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