Looking for Alaska (migrated from Bookblogger)

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Since my kids are so enamored of this author, I felt obligated to read yet another of his books.  This one, a story about Miles, a previously nerdy boy who has come to a prep school to seek the “Great Perhaps,” is actually quite good.  Miles’s roommate, “the Colonel” takes him under his wing and introduces him to Alaska, a beautiful, smart, extremely distraught student who lives down the hall.  Together, they create mischief (staging pranks) and share experiences until the “Before” becomes the “After.”  There is a turning point at which the story turns upside-down and it is a matter of finding their “way out of the labyrinth.”  Very philosophical and interesting analysis of exactly what that labyrinth really represents.

This is very well-written and in my opinion, appeals to a wider audience than just the young adult.  Anyone who’s ever been a teenager can relate to the types of problems that these characters encounter, although hopefully they have not had the sort of “before” and “after” that took place here.

Good book!

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