Where We Belong (migrated from bookblogger)

Where We Belong by Emily Giffin

Having read a few of Giffin’s books before, I couldn’t help grabbing this one off the shelf in the library.  This one, Where We Belong, starts with a very interesting idea:  a successful TV producer who is trying to push her current boyfriend/boss into proposing suddenly finds herself face to face with the daughter she gave up for adoption 18 years before.  The story is told from both the mother and daughter’s voices and it quickly engages the reader.  Through a good part of the book, I was right there with the characters and looked forward to reading more.  Unfortunately, although, in truth only toward the very end, it gradually sinks into the realm of make-believe, where everyone accepts the uncomfortable situation and everyone is forgiving of each other.   It is a too-satisfying ending (never said that before!)…

The characters are very likable, and Giffin’s portrayal of both the mother and the daughter definitely reel in the reader.  The mother is very New York — penthouse apartment and a Barney’s habitue — and the daughter is a loner musician trying to find herself.  Each is trying to find happiness and I do like that the mother really learns from the daughter with respect to being honest with others and with herself.  It also brings up interesting issues around teen pregnancy and adoption as an option, perhaps, though, in a  very idealistic light.

I think it’s still a decent read, although this is not going on my top ten list!

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