Time of My Life by Allison Winn Scott

This is the quintessential beach read…  light, amusing, and easy on the brain!  It is the story of Jillian, a full-time mother and wife who has been thinking more and more lately about her ex-boyfriend, Jack and her ex-career as an ad exec, while lamenting the current status of her marriage.  She goes for her appointment for her massage, and suddenly she finds herself rewound about 6 years prior, with another chance to reset the trajectory of her life.

This is a cute premise — probably something everyone at some point wishes for, even briefly — and it is written in a cutely engaging prose.  But even though it is sprinkled with an occasional heady idea, it is fairly predictable and trite.

Again, it is a fun, light book to read through if you have a lot of time to read (like on the beach).  If your reading time is limited though, I would not spend it on this!

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