The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen


Lindsay is a smart, driven, slightly compulsive and successful ad executive on her way to the top – until she finds herself in a very compromised situation that puts her career on the line.  She is totally thrown, because after all, she is the smart one.  Her twin sister, Alex, is the beautiful one.  This is how it’s always been, ever since she can remember.  How can she tell her parents that she’s no longer successful?  This would throw off her entire identity.  The journey into which Lindsay is propelled brings all of her preconceived notions into question and forces her to really examine her priorities — and her relationship with Alex.

What begins as light-hearted and somewhat comical actually builds gradually into a heavier and more substantial novel.  Lindsay exemplifies the pressure so many young people feel today to be perfect and successful, even at the expense of their personal lives.  It is hard for her when she takes a step back and examines what she has actually accomplished and what is really important to her.  It also examines stereotypes and the roles we are socialized to play, whether they reflect our true talents or not.

Throughout, however, the author writes with a voice that is full of both tenderness and sarcasm.   It is a fun, generally light read that is great for the beach or just for those late nights with the reading lamp on!


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