Can You Keep a Secret?

Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella

After reading The Storyteller, this is just what I needed!  I think Kinsella’s books are my secret (although not anymore!) vice.  They are light and a little predictable but they are cute, a little outlandish and really fun to read.  In this one, the main character, Emma, is a young, ambitious marketing assistant who is sent on a business trip to represent her company.  She has had a dismal experience and on her flight home, after a few drinks and some extreme turbulence, confesses all her deepest, darkest secrets to a complete stranger.  Unfortunately, or fortunately as the case turns out to be, this stranger shows up again at her office — because he’s the founder of her company.

It’s quirky and contrived but makes for a fun read.  Perfect beach reading — unfortunately for me, it’s snowing out!