The Night Circus (migrated from bookblogger)

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

While very imaginative and mysterious, this book was almost a little too far-fetched to completely keep my interest throughout the whole telling of the story.  The story centers around Celia and Marco, who are each being groomed by their mentors for a magical duel, of sorts.  The grooming takes years and each is trained in a different way.  The venue for their contest is the Night Circus, a circus which appears without any notice and opens only at midnight for the entertainment and delight of many around the world.  And sure enough, the foes of course gradually fall in love with each other and their ultimate challenge becomes disentangling themselves from the ensnarement of their duel.

The writing in this book is very interesting — it is as mystical and dark as the story itself.  There is great imagination and description, but almost to a fault, in my opinion.  And because many of the characters are so mysterious, they remain somewhat uni-dimentional and remote.  They are, like the circus itself, not really real.

For those of you who really like fantasy, you may be enthralled with this book.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t…