Keep Quiet by Lisa Scottoline


Wanting only to reconnect with his son, Ryan, Jake agreed to pick him up at the movies, when his wife, Pam suggested it.  Encouraged by the beginning of the first real conversation he’d had with Ryan in awhile, he hesitated only briefly when on the way home, Ryan asked to drive, even though it was slightly after the curfew for those with only drivers’ permits.  What happened after that changed their lives forever, bonding father and son together but binding them in a web of lies that almost tears them apart forever.

The writing in this book is not what keeps it a page-turner; rather it is entirely plot-driven.  But the plot is well-navigated and drives through twists and turns that keep the reader absolutely engaged.  The characters are also each very likable, so that you really care what happens and feel a warm sympathy toward them, in spite of their flaws and very bad decisions.

This is suspense novel that is extremely suspenseful – a fun, quick read.