Crossways (migrated from bookblogger)

Crossways by Sheila Kohler

This is a book I found in my favorite bookstore, the Strand (in Manhattan).  It was not recommended by anyone and I had no real expectations.   It was like seeing a movie or a play without having read the reviews or having seen a trailer.  How often does that happen nowadays??   I like having no information sometimes!

The story is about a woman, Kate, whose sister has suddenly died in a car accident in South Africa (where she was raised) and left her husband in an intensive care unit and 3 children at home in the care of her mother and their Zulu housekeeper, John.  Slowly, there is doubt raised about the nature of the accident and the story rises to a surprising crescendo toward the end.

I felt that the story had a slow start, but did build into an interesting twisting tale.  I also loved learning a little more about the classes in South Africa, including the Zulu servant, the Boers, and the wealthier British.  There is a lot that is disturbing in this book and there are some slower parts, but it is overall a pretty good read (and probably the potential makings of an intriguing movie).



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