Home by Toni Morrison (migrated from bookblogger)

This very quick read is profound in its simplicity.  It is the story of a black veteran of the Korean War named Frank Money, who has returned to the U.S. emotionally scarred.  Suddenly he is called back to his home town because his younger sister is in danger.  As he makes his way to rescue her, both his story and hers are divulged.

There are 2 voices used to tell the story.  While most of the story is a narrative, the beginning of each chapter starts with a short passage that is coming from Frank himself, as if interviewed for the story.  It is these intro sections that really get to the heart of who Frank is; it’s a very powerful effect, making Frank more human and real.

You also can’t help loving the relationship between Frank and his sister, Cee.  It’s a sad, beautiful love they have for each other.  During their difficult childhoods, they really only had each other, Frank always being the protector.  As the story unfolds, there is a shift in their relationship to balance it out a bit.  Lots of growth from a traumatic experience…

This would be another great book to read in an English class — there would be a great deal to discuss in these few but intense pages!


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