Where’d You Go, Bernadette? (migrated from bookblogger)

Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple

This book was surprisingly fun to read!  It is written by an author who has written for Mad About You, Ellen and Arrested Development, so you can guess that the humor in it was sharp and utterly sarcastic. The story is about a teenage girl, Bee, who has done so well in school over the year that her parents agree to take her on her dream trip — to Antarctica.  The problem is that Bee’s mom, Bernadette, has become something of a recluse and does what she can to avoid going out of their house and seeing people.  Because of a number of crazy incidents, including a dispute with the neighbor gone haywire and the use of an online assistant, to accomplish the simplest of tasks, by Bernadette, Bee’s father becomes concerned that Bernadette really has lost it.  The story sort of takes flight and goes so much further than you expect it to.  Maybe some of it is even just a little too out there, but I have to admit that it is still just fun!

What I like also about this book is the various voices that are utilized.  It is mainly told from the perspective of Bee, the daughter.  However, there are also letters and emails and even police reports that piece together the story.  Each one gives the reader a fresh view of the characters and it really enhances the telling of the story.

This is certainly not going to be on the reading list of a classics English course, by any means, but it’s definitely good for a few giggles and a happy read!

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