The Traitor’s Wife (migrated from bookblogger)

The Traitor’s Wife, by Kathleen Kent

I came upon this book in my favorite bookstore, the Strand.  It had not been recommended to me by anyone and I’m not sure how popular it ever was/is, but I found this book intriguing.  It is the story of a strong-headed, outspoken woman, Martha, who gets involved with a mysterious man with a complicated past in the mid-1600’s in the British colonies of New England.  It seems that the man has a connection to the uprising and killing of the British King Charles I by Oliver Cromwell and the current King Charles is seeking revenge.

It is a time that I’ve rarely read about and the history here was fascinating to me. (I am a poor student of history — a baby, really!– and need to be fed the details of history within the context of a personal story.)  There is romance and intrigue and suspense in this story but it is based very closely on real events.  It is also written in a sometimes flowery and sometimes very coarse language that matches the goings on in the story.  The author also creates some wonderful and some evil characters that are extremely engaging.  I particularly loved Martha, whose fault was that she spoke her mind in a time when woman were seen as witches when they did so.

I found it to be a quick, intriguing read and learned a lot from it.  Hope you enjoy it!

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