Family Pictures by Jane Green (migrated from bookblogger)

After Silvie has lost the love of her life, in the death of her first husband, Mark comes along and pretty much sweeps her off her feet.  Handsome and charming, he is the ideal husband and step-father to her daughter, Eve.  Until he’s not…

This book is a sort of Pilot’s Wife of the Facebook era.  And unfortunately, it is so much more contrived that it’s less plausible.  The characters are vague and stereotypical and undergo miraculous changes that are just too hard to believe.  And the voice changes from first person to third person, depending on whom it is referring to and the choice of voice is particularly strange because the main character is the one who does not get her own voice.

It is a quick read and it has some suspense, but all in all, it’s so implausible that it is a little absurd.

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