Her Father’s House by Belva Plain (migrated from bookblogger)

My favorite books are those with multiple plots that intertwine and bring characters and stories together in a clever twist; unfortunately, this was not one of those kinds of books.  While it was somewhat engaging and had a little suspense, it was a straight line story that was only fairly well told.  The story is about Donald Wolfe, a young lawyer new to New York City, who falls in love with Lillian, a captivating young woman, who he learns fairly quickly is a social climber who has just used him as a stepping stone.  When she discovers she’s pregnant, he insists she keep his child and what happens with the child is at the heart of this story.

I think I really read this book because of a nostalgia for the oh-so-popular Evergreen (from many moons ago!) and thought I’d be carried back to that time.  This had my attention but it was no Evergreen…

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